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This is a photo record of the progress on my - to be - new abode, currently under construction




So, we had furniture, a working kitchen and all the plumbing in the house working fine; so a perfectably liveable arrangement for me. At last I had a shower that I could stand fully upright under and get a deluge of vertically falling water. Bliss. In fact everything in the house still works as new, even the Internet (after a few initial hiccups) works well, totally insulated roof, ceiling and walls, and I have a view you'd die for.

But I still didn't have a decked verandah or guttering, or steps or balustrades wher required, so, as you can see these were the next tasks. I was persuaded into getting contractors to do the verandah decking. They said it would take them "2 or 3 days" which I found hard to believe - there's a lot of verandah there. Sure enough, it took them closer to 3 weeks, but they did a great job and took a lot of care even although they were clearly well over their own budget.

Then, at long last Paul returned. Paul was our roofer. He also spent a lot longer on the job than he had bargained for and had in fact left the job incomplete for just over a year! However he did return and finished off the eastern gable fascia and installed 2 whirly birds and skylights. He agreed to instal the guttering too (that was extra). I had wanted not to have to have guttering because in my experience gutters very quickly fill up with leaves and are henceforth totally useless.

The council weren't insisting on guttering provided the storm water coming directly off the roof didn't tend to wash around the concrete footings. Which is exactly what was happening, so I had to change my mind on that one. Paul got half the storm water drain pipes installed and left me to finish it off I also installed the steps to the verandah and a balustrade on the southern corner of the verandah. The steps to spec but look horrible and will be upgraded or replaced later but I think the balustrade using beautiful, dressed Australian hardwood timbers is rather nifty

from 9th July 2014
to October 2014