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This is a photo record of the progress on my - to be - new abode, currently under construction

September, October and November were beautiful months for building (for being), as you can see from the images.

It was a time when the house was fully clad and its basic appearance (from image 5 on) much the same as it is today (time of writing August 2014) apart from the lack of a verandah decking. Again lots of missing photos (where the devil are they?) – lots showing Bo (sorry Bo) getting stuck in with the paint brush on the exterior walls.

Of course the wonderful thing was being, at long last, under cover – just in time for the beginning of the dry! The job inside was to put down the floor, a 17 mm tongue and grooved plywood floor with which we had great difficulty because of the curvature of the front wall (31mm off straight) It wasn’t until this time that we realised we had a problem. In the end it was easily enough overcome but caused much frustration until we realised what was happening.

The original idea was that the ply floor would be the final flooring surface – that we would polyurethane it and leave it as is. That wasn’t to be for a number of reasons. Mainly because I was required to leave a ca. 4mm gap between the ends of the boards (for “expansion” ostensibly, which, in retrospect, makes no sense whatsoever because each board is nailed to the joists with nails spaced 50mm apart so there’s zero scope for any lateral movement relative to each other), a gap which I failed, after repeated attempts with various products to fill aesthetically to my liking. Also, as this surface was going to effectively be a workshop surface for the best part of a year while all the interior work was proceeding it was proving impossible to keep spotlessly clean even although I covered it, in its entirety, with 4 mm mdf boards. It wasn’t long therefor that we gave up all hope of that being the final surface and we held in abeyance a decision on the final surface until much later.

Another task carried out at this time, again not shown because of missing photos, was the laying of the wet area (2 bathrooms and laundry in the eastern corner of the house) flooring. This consists of 15mm fibrous cement sheets, again enormously heavy, which were laid and nailed to the joists, then butted up and glued against each other (no nonsense about expansion gaps this time).

The ceiling battens were installed and a beginning made on the interior wall frames.

(Another example of building regulations making no sense is a requirement to attach the interior wall frames to the underside of the battens nailed to the trusses in such a way that allows relative vertical movement between them (again to allow for “expansion”). When I rang the certifier and pointed out that doing that leaving the ceiling free to move vertically relative to the wall would result in a gap opening up (and closing up) at the cornice. I got no answer….except a “yes….well… yeah that's right ….you better nail them solidly together then…”)

from 25th Sept 2013
to 27th Nov 2013